The Victor and the Virus

Full of grace and truth was the Baby born that night
Jesus the Christ had come to spread heaven's pure light
To sinful humans made in God's likeness.

Preaching and teaching and breaking the Devil's sway
Urging all to follow his self-denying way
That leads to The joy of his Father's love.

A vicious virus could be God's shrill wake-up call
To a sleeping, self-centred world in sin's free fall
Yet this is still the day for being saved.

National lockdowns could lead to something far worse
Antichrist's world-wide devilish reign - what a curse!
Before Jesus returns to rule on Earth.

Our world is now being shaken, things fall apart
but all that really matters is who rules our heart
Only one real choice - Jesus or myself.

John 1.14 Genesis 1 .27 / Luke 9.23 / 2 Corinthians 6.2 / 2 Thessalonians 2.4

Dudley Reeves